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Project Description

Mersey Travel – The Three Queens

Accommodating the movement of large numbers of people during major events


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Transport Event Management


Mersey Travel


Dec 14 – Jun 15

Dec 15 – Jan 16

The challenge

In the controversial aftermath of tens of thousands of travellers being stranded after an event in Liverpool, the brief to blacc was to deliver a mass transport strategy to accommodate the movement of large numbers of people during major events.

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The solution

Drawing on our extensive experience of handling the transportation of crowds at large scale events such as the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we devised a major event transport strategy that involved and united all of the major transport companies and the police. Specifically, we:

  • consulted with all relevant parties
  • established aims and objectives
  • wrote the strategy
  • created an operating framework, including the establishment of a Transport Board comprising travel companies from across the region
  • devised roles and responsibilities
  • set up a transport co-ordination centre that linked all travel providers and the police to provide a smooth and managed flow of people

The result

A sophisticated travel demand management strategy that brought about a change in the behaviour of users, with people actively considering the best options for their travel both in terms of the timing of their travelling and the mode of transport chosen.

The strategy can be turned on and off as and when needed and isn’t limited to major events. It has been successfully used to accommodate the closure of the rail tunnel under the Mersey and the emergency two-week closure of Liverpool Lime Street Station.

The success of the Mersey project led to the implementation of a similar system in Manchester, which was used for the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena and the subsequent chaos caused by the terrorist bomb. It is also being used at the European Championships being held in Glasgow during August 2018.

The true test for a good travel system is that nobody pays any attention, precisely because there are no travel problems.