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West Midlands 5G and Transport for West Midlands pioneer revolutionary new transport projects

Following a successful funding competition, West Midlands 5G Limited (WM5G) is investing £2.4 million in seven UK-based consortiums to support the development of new products and services to transform transport across the region.

Seismic II to shake up MMC with our members blacc & Tata Steel

The consortium-led Seismic II project is working on the future of construction for schools and healthcare facilities. It is a logical development of Seismic I project with the impressive results on light steel standardisation.

New consortium to boost offsite construction for primary schools

A new consortium has been launched to pioneer greater use of offsite construction for primary schools, to transform the way they are designed and built

Consortium boosts offsite school construction

Employing modern methods of construction in the education sector has potentially taken a major step forward with the launch of a standardised structural frame and open source design app for building primary schools offsite.