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a business that is driven by challenge and thinking about things differently

It may seem obvious, but on so many occasions things are done one particular way purely because they always have been. We don’t think that’s good enough. Our belief is that by looking at other industries we can introduce some of their methods to streamline how we work for our clients. These new ways of thinking can be applied throughout our sector, whether that’s the staging of a major international event such as the Olympics or the successful delivery of a high profile building project. If you get the leadership of ideas right, the right results follow

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If there is one thing about blacc which sets us apart from many companies, it’s leadership. We are comprised of a group of proven leaders who deliver consistently. It’s why our clients keep coming back to our people – they respect our professionalism and enjoy working with us. What makes a leader?
  • experience
  • communication
  • sagacity
  • softer skills
  • intelligence & understanding
  • technical knowledge
  • ability to prioritise
  • calmness
  • fairness
  • assuredness
  • empowerment
  • helpful
  • listening
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Bespoke Construction Management

The construction industry has had rather a mixed press lately. blacc has a simple view that, using its Bespoke Construction Management model, the client’s interests should be best served through:
  • integrity
  • leadership
  • specialists
  • the right fit
  • being prepared to say no
We want to work for whom we wish, to deliver value and deliver on time and on budget, and yes everyone says that — we deliver…
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