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blacc is a fast-growing Northern company with national capability,
reshaping technologies and marketplaces
across the UK and internationally

We believe that if you get the leadership of ideas right, then the right results follow.  Through being the lead adviser, and through designing and implementing innovative strategies, blacc is shaping how key assets are delivered in the future.

With a strong sense of social purpose, our clients span the private and public realms.  Our projects cover international events, transport logistics and infrastructure development across key sectors such as housing, education and health.

While proudly rooted in the North of England, our work is world class.  We achieve this through two integrated approaches:  First, recruiting and nurturing the most talented professionals for the markets we are transforming; second, developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies, such as pioneering MMC in infrastructure development and harnessing 5G to optimise transport networks.

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Construction Management
Programme Management

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

blacc’s proven expertise in designing and delivering strategies for modern methods of construction in Education is now attracting serious attention across Housing, the NHS and other areas of national and local government.  Our work is driving whole new processes and supply chains and is developing new regional and national capacities and capabilities.

blacc led the Department for Education’s journey into MMC, transforming how they and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) procure schools.  We pioneered their off-site components solution to school design and assembly.  As a direct result of blacc’s involvement, the DfE was named Building Magazine Client of the Year 2017, Offsite Hub Client of the year, and Constructing Excellence SE Client of the year.

In turn, this success heavily influenced the Treasury’s landmark decision to favour off-site construction across Whitehall procurement in the 2017 Autumn Statement.  More significantly, this example of MMC in action led to blacc advising the Cabinet Office and to the creation of the Seismic and Seismic II projects, where blacc leads a coalition of partners.

blacc also plays a leading role in the newly-launched Offsite Alliance, with one of our directors serving on its Board.  The Offsite Alliance is focused on MMC in residential housing procurement.

Construction Management and Programme Management

blacc has a proven track record in delivering major projects in real estate, regeneration and infrastructure, using a construction management approach.  This is explicitly designed to move away from the discredited, inefficient ‘traditional contractor’ model.

Construction management puts the client at the heart of the project.   As with all projects, budgets have to be carefully monitored and a hands-on approach to managing design expectations and affordability is essential.  One of the great benefits of construction management is the transparency on everything, enabling the client to have clarity on all aspects of spend, programme and outcome.

Indeed, construction management and programme management approaches are widely seen as the missing piece of the jigsaw in realising the full potential of MMC.

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International Events
Transport Logistics

International Events

Both at home and around the world, blacc has played a key role in planning and delivering the most prestigious international events, in particular transport logistics and passenger experience.  Examples include the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and ongoing work on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Our expertise covers the design of transport systems and co-ordination centres for entire events, or for bespoke individual services such as VIP fleets or bus systems.

Transport Logistics in the UK

It’s not just major one-off events where blacc can add huge value to transport infrastructure.  The UK’s increasingly congested transport networks – road, rail, trams and cycle pathways – can benefit from fresh thinking and new technologies.

We have successfully designed and delivered regional transportation co-ordination centres (RTCCs), that harness state-of-the-art, real-time technologies to maximise the capacity of local networks, deal with disruption and give the travelling public the best possible live information.  Our RTCC for the West Midlands was opened by the Secretary of State for Transport in January 2020.

Adding to this, we are now exploring how 5G technology can further enhance the effectiveness of local and regional transport systems in the West Midlands and beyond.

Our team can also help to test and improve the resilience of UK transport networks to threats of disruption from things like terrorist attack or industrial action.

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